Commissioner Riopel is seen congratulating Blair McGeough of the Mets, the 2016 MVP selection in the annual All-Star Game.

Joey Greilach, a Governor for the host Orioles, congratulates Jphn Osborne, shortly after the retirement of the latter’s jersey.

Winston Tuttle is all smiles upon being presented with his five year umpire recognition award from Commissioner Riopel.

Shane Hoetmer was recognized by the NCABL and presented with his ten year service award at the 2016 All-Star Game.

Barrhead Fans Cheer Leon’s Carpet & Paint All-Stars to Victory

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Barrhead Fans Cheer Leon’s Carpet & Paint All-Stars to Victory

It was a great day for baseball in the North Central Alberta Baseball League. It was an even greater day for baseball in Barrhead. Not only did mother nature hold back the rain, but fans were treated to a close and exciting game which saw the Beverly Optimist Club All-Stars in the lead for most of the contest until the seventh when the opportunistic home club sponsored by Leon’s Carpet & Paint tied the game and won it with bases loaded and two out on a walked batter who scored the winning run in walk off fashion. Final score: Leon’s Carpet & Paint All-Stars 5 and the Beverly Optimist Club All-Stars 4.

The following are the captive highlights from the 2016 All-Star game which was attended by over 200 fans:

For the Beverly Optimist Club All-Stars:

Most effective pitching performance was given to Kento Vanzwall of the Cardinals who pitched two scoreless innings while allowing no hits and giving up two walks.
Most effective hitting performance was given to Jordan Riopel whose 2 RBI triple was the most productive hit of the day putting the visitors in the lead to stay until the seventh. Riopel would later score on a sacrifice fly to register three of the four Beverly Optimist runs.
defensive highlight of the game was given to Cole Viger of the Sherwood Park Athletics who turned a most difficult double play by scooping a low throw from Justin Turner at third base and making a great throw to Swap for the double play.

For Leon’s Carpet & Paint All-Stars:

Most effective pitching performance was given to Craig Connelly of the Barrhead Orioles who pitched the mandated limit of two innings while also giving up no runs on two hits and one hit batter.
Most effective hitting performance was given to Blair McGeough who went two for two with two walks and one stolen base on the day in addition to scoring a run. McGeough would later be named the game’s Most Valuable Player and presented with a game bat among other prizes during a brief post-game presentation.
As no defensive highlight plays were noted on the home side, the steady glove of Blair McGeough at second base merited a mention for defensive effectiveness.

Osborne Honoured by Orioles

In a brief ceremony following the singing of the national anthem, John Osborne, former Canadian National Team pitcher, former US college coach, and former major league scout, threw out the first pitch to officially kick off the 2016 All-Star game. The surprised look on one of the best knuckle ball pitchers in Canada and most certainly the very best the NCABL has ever seen was worth the price of admission as John’s number on a replica of his former jersey was unveiled to the crowd. Noticeably touched, the always humble former great acknowledged the Orioles brass who had orchestrated this special event which fit so well with their first ever hosting of the All-Star Game. Congratulations, John, on a great baseball career. The NCABL joins the Orioles and all of Barrhead in thanking you for your contributions to the game and to your chosen community.

2016 NCABL All-Star Game Set for Barrhead on Sunday

The North Central Alberta Baseball League has finalized and released the names of all players who will be facing one another in the 2016 edition of the League’s All-Star Game. Go to League on this page and scroll down to All-Star Club 2016 (or click here) for the complete roster selections by club and position. The title sponsor for the home club will be Leon’s Carpet and Paint from Barrhead, Alberta. The visiting club will be sponsored by the Beverly Optimist Club of Edmonton. Game time at Orioles Park is set for 2:00 PM. This All-Star tilt will be the first of two slated for Barrhead in consecutive seasons. The 2017 50th edition of the All-Star Game will also be hosted by the Orioles in Barrhead. Fans are encouraged to come out to the ball park to enjoy good baseball, a festive environment, local food and beverages, along with a chance to win many prizes drawn throughout the game.

Voted All-Stars Released by the NCABL

The North Central Alberta All-Star Game is less than one week away and the excitement surrounding the first Sunday afternoon all-star contest is already mounting. As first time hosts of this prestigious event, the Barrhead Orioles are gearing up for the 2016 match-up between clubs representing the Beverly Optimist All-Stars and those representing Leon’s Carpet & Paint Inc., a local Barrhead business. This season’s home team, Leon’s Carpet & Paint All-Stars, will feature players from the Edmonton Blackhawks, Barrhead Orioles, Stony Plain Mets, Edmonton Primeaus, and Edmonton Athletics. The Beverly Optimist All-Stars will be represented by players from the Westlock Red Lions, Sherwood Park Athletics, Camrose Axemen, St. Albert Cardinals, and Sturgeon Paladins. The Sunday contest will start at 2:00 pm and will feature thirty elite players from the ranks of the NCABL along with Managers and coaches from many clubs. The home manager will be Randy Gregg of the Blackhawks, while the visiting manager will be Adam Sawatzky of the Red Lions. Admission for this event is only $3 while children under 10 are admitted free of charge as well as all minor baseball players in full uniform. Fans will be in for a great afternoon of baseball entertainment with chances to win many prizes to be drawn between innings. The 2016 contest will not be Barrhead’s only chance to host an All-Star game as the 50th anniversary All-Star Game has been awarded to Barrhead in 2017. Each year, the League presents a slate of voted all-stars who have impressed Managers from across the League by their offensive and defensive accomplishments. This season’s voted all-stars by position are as follows:

Pitcher From the Blackhawks #12 Kyle Lawrence
Catcher From the Blackhawks #5 Sam Ewanishan
First Base From the Blackhawks #11 Kevin Stork
Second Base From the Mets #27 Blair McGeough
Third Base From the Edmonton Athletics #87 Gus Salgado
Shortstop From the Primeaus #19 Kyle Fagnan
Outfield From the Cardinals #6 Hayden Chies
Outfield From the Red Lions #8 Chris Brand
Outfield From the Mets #15 Chad Spellman
Utility From the Edmonton Athletics #7 Peter Shepert

On Thursday, the League will be releasing the names of those players selected to join the voted all-stars. Each club will be comprised of fifteen players all coming from their respective divisions.

Calling On Our Alumni Everywhere

You’ve heard the buzz by now, but have you signed up yet as an NCABL alumni? The League is currently building a registry of players, managers, coaches, umpires, and sponsors who have at one time or another been involved with us. We have given ourselves six months to reach as many of our former members as possible. It’s easy as pie to register. Simply go to contacts on our main page and scroll down to “register as an NCABL alumni”, or click here. Follow the easy directions and you will be included on our invitation list come January. This will be an invitation to attend two celebrations. The 50th Anniversary All-Star Game, to be hosted in Barrhead in July of 2017 will be the first of two major events. The second will be the 50th Anniversary Alumni Week-End to be held in August of 2017 in Westlock, Alberta. We need your communication skills to help us along, whether these skills are verbal or technological. Get out there and tell your baseball friends all about our upcoming celebrations or get on social media and spread the word that way. Whatever you do, don’t just stand for doing nothing. We want everyone to join us in celebrating a great Alberta tradition, the North Central Alberta Baseball League.

NCABL Returns to Lac la Biche

Only two years have passed since the Town of Lac la Biche celebrated the 100th anniversary of the introduction of baseball to its town. With the assistance of Commissioner Riopel, the Pow Wow Days Association put on a first class senior AA tournament during the 2014 August long week-end. It was announced last Thursday that the NCABL would again be participating in yet another Pow Wow Days sponsored baseball tournament which hopes to attract six quality clubs from different leagues across the province for a three day tournament. The tournament will also include a four team single A division from the locality which will largely be scheduled on Friday, July 29th. Commissioner Riopel has been given the green light to provide at least three of the clubs which will be competing in Lac la Biche on July 30, 31, and August 1. It has been announced that a $5000 prize package will be offered during this tournament which will be officiated using an NCABL crew. Clubs interested in applying should contact Commissioner Riopel without delay for details. A refundable performance bond will be required of every applicant.

Two NCABL Clubs Sign On For Pow Wow

The Edmonton Athletics and Edmonton Primeaus will be lacing up their cleats for the Lac La Biche Pow Wow Invitational Tournament on July 30, 31, and August 1. These two members of the NCABL family hope to share in the spoils as the prize money being offered by the Pow Wow Days Association is one of the largest purses in the entire province, easily surpassing any purse being currently offered at the AAA level of baseball. We wish them well in the land of the great fish derby!

Circling the Bases To Offer 50th Anniversary Updates

Players and fans will have one more reason to tune in to Circling the Bases at any time during the week. With a new show released every Monday night, Earl Thompson’s informative talk show will not only continue to provide timely baseball related news but will also touch upon what might be in the works regarding the upcoming 50th anniversary celebrations. This is the kind of program that you can listen to at any time from the comfort of your home or office by simply finding League on our main page and scrolling down to Circling the Bases. Are you sitting on a new piece of information related to baseball? Why not call Earl to make him aware of it?

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